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A common issue we face when first developing our projects, is the lack access to site drawings and or relevant system documentation. This can increase the need for investigation and review of existing systems and infrastructures prior to feasibility or system design works begin and introduce additional time and cost.

It is often that the data is actually on site, it is simply in paper form, stored in a room and you simply need to find it. This issue has been identified and relevant services brought to the market.

Consultive Solutions Limited are pleased to provide secure document management services via a third party partnership agreement.

Services Include –


Secure document and drawing scanning to electronic storage


Information sharing is critical for day-to-day processes within business, from project delivery, commercial and operation applications the access to electronic media is essential to ensure synergy between users.

A full scan and share service can be provided. We scan customers’ paper format information and within minutes it can be made available to authorised users of their cloud based servers. Should they wish to use our secure Cloud platform, we will be more than happy to upload and maintain a share portal for them and their clients.



Secure document storage


Storage of paper documentation escalates to intangible amounts over long periods of time. Some paperwork must be kept for legal, commercial or Health and Safety purposes, but a lot of paperwork is kept simply because no one knows what is important and what isn’t.

With office space at a premium, archive room is costing customers more than they think. Documentation can be stored at a secure location, which is equipped with 24hr High Definition CCTV, state of the art intruder detection system and fire detection added to the discrete location. Storage can be provided for everything from typical banker boxes to electronic media.



Secure document destruction  


Customers’ documents have been scanned, stored and forgotten about. Eventually the life cycle of paper comes to an end, whether it is 12 months, 3 years or 7 years – the choice is theirs. We will clearly mark End of Life on all boxes and a confirmation email of destruction will be sent to the authorised user prior to destruction.

Documentation can be securely destroyed, ensuring that any and all readable information is shredded beyond recovery. Once shredded, the bails are recycled to produce more paper and the cycle starts all over again.