Derek Scott, Managing Director of Consultive Solutions Limited is proud to announce a working partnership with Athena Risk.


Athena Risk is an award winning risk management company providing their customers with industry leading risk mitigation services to match their requirements within their respective business sector. Athena will accomplish this through innovative product offerings and listening to the client’s needs while outpacing the trends in the marketplace.

Athena Risk have extensive experience developing and implementing procedures for assessing and mitigating risk on land, sea and air. They stringently follow the guidelines and process of the BS ISO (31000:2009) relating to risk management, this service provides the necessary support to any organisation no matter whether they are newly formed, seasoned or moving into a new environment.

Managing risk and providing a solution has become a major part of Athena Risk’s best practice. They provide realistic services that include analysis & assessments, planning and training to all sectors of the world’s industries in order to reduce an organisation’s potential for loss. Athena specialises in providing support and assistance to personnel and organisations working in, and travelling to developing or emerging markets.