Consultive Solutions Limited are an accredited supplier to Bloom, which means any member or associate member of NEPO may request a proposal or call off our services through the Nepro solution for Security and Risk Assurance and Property Security services.

As Bloom accredited supplier, Consultive Solutions Limited’s experience and professional ability were assessed and recognised as part of the procurement process.

About Bloom

Bloom provides a full end to-end marketplace solution, specialising in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers across the UK to help the public sector buy professional services more efficiently from a choice of regional and national pre-accredited suppliers.

As the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPRO neutral vendor solution, Bloom provide an OJEU complaint framework tender process for over 370 public sector organisations. On average public sector buyers working with Bloom save between 11% and 19% against budget.

For further information, please visit the Bloom website.