Consultive Solutions Limited would like to announce we are now a Police Industry Charter Signatory.

Launched in March 2024, the Police Industry Charter was created to set out foundational principles upon which industry partners, together with UK policing can collectively adhere to. These principles include:

  • Designing products, services and systems on the principle of interoperability first.
  • Adopting a Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD) position for products and services.
  • Supporting the professional development of practitioners and senior leaders.
  • Supporting UK policing in delivering sustainability.
  • Collaboration and Partnership.

The key purpose of the Charter is to increase opportunities for policing to develop critical skills in collaboration with industry subject matter experts, adopt the principle of system and product interoperability in core design principles and to create transparency in the policing and industry relationship.

As an industry partner, our signing of the Charter demonstrates our commitment to working in collaboration with UK policing, follow defined principles and overall promote a greater partnership.

More information can be found here.