Consultive Solutions Limited are proud to receive the below testimonial from one of our recent specialist clients.

As a leading forensic services provider, our experts regularly deal with footage recorded on CCTV systems. Understanding what factors affect the footage, however, requires an understanding of the whole chain of events from camera to the video file delivered to us. After contacting Consultive Solutions, we discussed our needs and they produced a bespoke training day designed to meet our specific requirements. They explained all of the considerations that go into designing a CCTV system, and most importantly the factors that can influence the quality of imagery and produce the types of artefacts we regularly see. The training day was driven by our requirements, and our comments and questions were used to tailor the training as we went along.

Our experts now feel they have a much stronger understanding of the principles underlying the CCTV footage they deal with, which will undoubtedly assist them when presenting their evidence to the Court. I highly recommend Consultive Solutions and hope to work with them again in future.

Specialist Client