Derek Scott, along with Lee Tones and Steve King are going to do the ‘The Coast and Castle’ bike ride which is a 170 miles, Edinburgh to Newcastle. We are going to do this in 3 days.

We all work full time but we are going to take time out from our busy life’s to do this amazing challenge and raise money for Action for ME.

At times people with CFS/ME don’t have to energy to get out of bed never mind any thing else. The worst parts of the illness is that you never know how they are going to feel and that people just don’t understand! Alot of people believe they are just being lazy, but most people with CFS/ME would love to be able to able to walk up the street with out been so tired that they have to lie down for a couple of hours afterwards, or to wake up in the morning and for their body not to ache from head to toe.To read a book with out feeling exhausted.

Many people with CFS/ME have to make all kind of sacrifices – from not been able to play with their children or take them out for family days out, to going out with friends! its amazing how many friends they lose when they become ill, people just don’t want to know or they still expect for the person with CFS/ME to phone them and arrange things!

There is a wide range of symptoms and people are affected in different ways, but still we don’t know what causes CFS/ME or even how to help people who have it. Medication doesn’t help, so its learning to pace yourself, we need to raise money to help those who are suffering and to try and help prevent other who may fall ill!! So please please help!

To donate and help reach are £1,000 target please follow the link,