Consultive Solutions Limited are a supplier to ESPO, with a position on Framework 628- Security and Surveillance Equipment and Services, to supply Independent Security Consultancy Services (Lot 6).


ESPO are a public sector owned professional buying organisation, specialising in providing a wide range of goods and services to the public sector. With their expertise and varied supply chain, they offer the sector the best value procurement solutions possible.

Framework Scope

Framework 628 – Security and Surveillance Equipment and Services is available for use nationally by any public body in the UK including, Schools and Academies, Police and Emergency Services, NHS and HSC Bodies, Central Government Departments, Local Authorities and Registered Charites and provides access to a range of security and surveillance solutions across eight Lots:

• Lot 1 – Public Space Surveillance Systems
• Lot 2 – Private Space Surveillance Systems
• Lot 3 – Access Control Systems
• Lot 4 – Intruder Detection Systems
• Lot 5 – Integrated Security Solutions
• Lot 6 – Independent Security Consultancy Services
• Lot 7- Body Worn Video (BWV) Cameras
• Lot 8 – Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras

Framework 628 – Security and Surveillance Equipment and Services is ongoing until April 2022.


The Framework is compliant with UK/EU procurement legislations, offering public bodies the benefit of engaging goods and services without having to run a full procurement process. Public bodies can utilise the Framework via a direct call-off with their preferred supplier or via a further competition exercise amongst all suppliers that are capable of meeting their requirements.

Pricing is transparent, and outlined within the Framework, there are no additional charges.

Procurement Process

Consultive Solutions Limited are proud of this recent award as our track record, experience, technical and professional ability were assessed and recognised as part of the procurement process.

You can find more information regarding Framework 628 – Security and Surveillance Equipment and Services on the ESPO website.